04 January 2008

Life as we know it

Here's the thing.

I like the way things are going. The thesis is coming along nicely. I'm involved in the community both through work and through the organized religion thing.
I keep busy. I'm going to teach two classes tomorrow. I'll be leading both assemblies. I'm going to the student council with the time line pics.

I'm feel like I'm making a difference through work, but I feel like there is still something I am meant to do. Something huge that is missing.

that or it could just be the fever talking...


OM said...

haha.. it's funny how fever can bring out so many inner thoughts. Make sure to continue searching for that "something huge" but don't let the little things you do in the community die.

Hmm.. song in my mind is "Imagine" by John Lennon.

Dr. Wanabee said...

Yes, I get my most poetical when I'm feverish. Can't let my guard down otherwise. =D